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WG 1.02: Descriptional Complexity

WG 1.03: Foundations of System Specification

WG 1.05: Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems

WG 1.06: Rewriting

WG 1.07: Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design

WG 1.08: Concurrency Theory

WG 1.09/2.15: Verified Software

WG 1.10: String Algorithmics & Applications

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TCS 2014, Rome

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Technical Committee 1: Foundations of Computer Science



Chair : Luís Barbosa
Vice-Chair : Jacques Sakarovitch
Past-chair : Jacques Sakarovitch (1/1/2013 -- 31/12/2018) Michael Hinchey
(1/1/2007 -- 31/12/2012)
Secretary : To be appointed.

Membership changes since 1st January 2013

Wilfried Brauer and Arto Salomaa have been appointed Distinguished Fellow Members.
Michael Hinchey has stepped down from Irish representation as he has been elected IFIP President.
Jacques Sakarovitch has been appointed B-member recommended by TC1 and endorsed by the French representative at IFIP (2019).
Jacques Sakarovitch has been appointed IFIP FELLOW (2021).

Volker Diekert has been appointed German representative by GI.
Lars Birkedal has been appointed Danish representative by DIT.
Christian Schaerer has been appointed CLEI representative by CLEI*.
Aart Middeldorp has been appointed Austrian representative by OCG.
Nao Hirokawa has been appointed Japan representative by IPJS.
Leila Ribeiro has been appointed Brazilian representative by SBC.
Pascal Weil has been appointed French representative by SIF.
Stoyan Mihov has been appointed Bulgarian representative by BAS.
Thomas Studer has been appointed Swiss representative by SI (2019).

* CLEI stands for Centro Latinoamericano de Estudios en Informática. It is the member society of IFIP which represents a number of countries from Latin America.

We are sorry to announce that

Alberto Bertoni passed away on 10 February 2014
Wilfried Brauer passed away on 26 February 2014
Joseph F. Traub passed away on 24 August 2015
David S. Johnson passed away on 8 March 2016
Zoltán Ésik passed away on 25 May 2016
Amílcar Sernadas passed away on 7 February 2017
Maurice Nivat passed away on 21 September 2017
Blagovest Sendov passed away on 19 January 2020

As for 27 February 2022, the member lists are as follows.

National representatives to TC1 (A Members)

| | | | | |
AT Austria OCG Aart Middeldorp
AU Australia ACS James Harland
BG Bulgaria BAS Stoyan Mihov
BR Brazil SBC Leila Ribeiro
CA Canada CIPS Tom Maibaum
CHSwissSIThomas Studer
Latin America CLEI Christian Schaerer
CN China CIE Huimin Lin
CZ Czech Republic CSKI Jozef Gruska
DE Germany GI Volker Diekert
DK Denmark DIT Lars Birkedal
FR France SIF Pascal Weil
GB Great Britain BSC Vladimiro Sassone
GR Greece HEPIS Nikolaos Missirlis
IT Italy AICA Giorgio Ausiello
JP Japan IPSJ Nao Hirokawa
NL The Netherlands NGI Jos Baeten
PL Poland PIPS Jacek Blazewicz
PT Portugal OE Luís Barbosa
RS Serbia IAS Miroljub Dugic
SI Slovenia SSI Vladimir Batagelj
SK Slovakia SSCS Branislav Rovan
UA Ukraine UFI Mykola Nikitchenko

Associate members (B Members)

CA Canada   Nicola Santoro
DE Germany Ernst Mayr
DE Germany Uwe Nestmann
FR France Vangelis Paschos
FR France Jacques Sakarovitch
GB Great Britain Don Sannella
GB Great Britain Jim Woodcock
GR Greece Paul Spirakis
IT Italy   Ugo Montanari
  Alberto Marchetti-Spaccamela
(EATCS representative)
NL The Netherlands Grzegorz Rozenberg
PL Poland Andrzej Tarlecki
US United States John C. Mitchell

Distinguished Fellow Members (C Members)

FI Finland Arto Salomaa
GB Great Britain Tony Hoare
NL The Netherlands Jan van Leeuwen
US United States Michael Rabin
US United States Leslie Valiant

Working Group Chairs

WG 1.02 Descriptional Complexity Martin Kutrib
WG 1.03 Foundations of System Specification Fabio Gaducci
WG 1.05 Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems Nazim Fates
WG 1.06 Term Rewriting Cynthia Kop
WG 1.07 Theoretical Foundations of Security Analysis and Design Sebastian Alexander Mödersheim
WG 1.08 Concurrency Theory Pedro R. D'Argenio
WG 1.09 Verified Software Jim Woodcock
WG 1.10 String Algorithmics & Applications Jan Holub

Last modification: February 2022